Health interventions: health promotion
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86. Policies on healthy nutrition (D)


Indicator: 86. Policies on healthy nutrition

SHORTLIST sub-division: E) Health interventions: health promotion

Status: development section

Date first publication documentation sheet: 07-01-2012

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A composite index of laws, regulations and good practices on promoting healthier nutrition.

Key issues and problems

Topic needs much further development. The keys issues are:

  1. At the moment there is no satisfactory proposal for indicator definition, calculation and data sources.
  2. This indicator should expand beyond “campaigns on healthy lifestyles” to include all aspects of health promotion policy at national, regional and local level, including indicators on policy formulation, implementation, infrastructure development, campaigns and programme sand their evaluation, and funding and workforce development.

Preferred data type and data source

Preferred data type

Policy documents and comparable. Possibly some information can be obtained by interviews.

Preferred data source

Not decided yet.

Data availability

Eurostat, WHO-HfA and OECD: No data available.


Such policies contribute to healthier nutrition and thus lowering of health risks. An important area of activities in health promotion, thus indicators for monitoring these activities should be developed.


Could an indicator/index be constructed from WHO-Europe publications and/or data? WHO Europe has a programme/project “Nutrition and food security” which has a section “Nutrition policy“. They have many publications on nutrition policies, for example: “Comparative analysis of nutrition policies in the WHO European Region” (from may 2006), evaluating food and nutrition policies in Europe, and “WHO European Action Plan for Food and Nutrition Policy 2007-2012".


Work to do

Needs much further development. First consult WHO-nutrition for regular data on food policy items which allow the building of a composite index like it was done for indicator 85 on ETS exposure regulations.

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